Hi everyone!!
I just wanted to give a little heads up:
CDG-Flashes still lives, even though not much longer!! I'm currently in the progress of building a new website (with the wonderful help of Anica), on which I will present my videos for all the shows I'm currently a fan of!! That would be Roswell of course, The OC and new will be the Alias and the Gilmore Girls section!!

I just wanted to let you know!! Enjoy CDG-Flashes for as long as it still exists!!                                                                                     



The paper is finished and I'm immediately back again with something new!!
It's a Solovideo of Isabel and a TAG to "To Serve and to protect"!! It deals with her confusion about the visions she has and her fear that they will never stop!! There's also a lot of Max in it, if someone is interested...             

While I was away two of my videos won an Award!! One for Best Solo and the other one for Best Episodic!! Thanks to Antarian Video Award!!                                         



Ok, that won't be a real update, just a little rant from me!!
I'm pretty aware of the fact that my last real update was a long time ago and I'm really sorry about that, I really am!! It's just that I'm so busy right now with real life (yeah, it still exists *lol*) and time seems to be running away!! As if that wasn't enough, I also have to write an exam paper of 20 pages which is due on 23.8. the latest!! That means unfortunately no time for new videos and that even though I have so many new ideas and projects running right now!! 

People who also keep track of my OC Videos might realize that there were Updates recently on OS and that there will probably be a new video in the time I write on my paper!! Those videos were made months ago and were waiting for the time they're finally uploaded and added to the page, so I don't prefer that show, it's just a coincidence!! Roswell is still my first priority and probably will remain in that position and it doesn't matter how many shows I add to my projects!! 
A while back I did a video for Gilmore Girls, but since I have no Title-Background Art up to now it's waiting for it's final touch on my computer!! A friend of mine also tries to convince me to do videos for Alias as well, but I haven't decided about that yet and I have only 3 episodes, so it's no real question in the moment!! We will see about that...

Two new Awards made their way into the Award section for "Neighborhood" and "One sweet day", thanks to AMVA for those!!        
I also added a new link to Anica's fanlist for fans of her art!!



Last night I finally finished something new and it's about someone I haven't paid much attention too, at least not alone!! It's a Shiri video about her character Sam in "A time for dancing"!! It mainly focuses on the dancing parts!!                             



Added a new Affiliate!! The button directs you to Erin's page where you can find Musicvideo for Roswell and other shows like Buffy, Angel and Charmed!! You should definitely check out the "You the man" Video, the song is sooo funny, my sites hurt from all the laughing!!

I'm also very happy about the three Awards I recieved from AMVA!! Thank you Zita!!   
The Awards can like always be viewed in the
Award section!!                   



Today I've added a new Affiliate in the link and a new video in the Candy section!!
The name of the new video is "Get back" and it's about Michael's regrets after the night in the soup factory in Heatwave!! He realizes that he did a mistake and now he wants to get Maria back!!                          



Another video on impulse to get rid of my block!! Hopefully...          
It's a triangle thing between Liz / Sean / Max!! Max was the one who broke Liz's heart and now she's trying a new realationship with Sean!!  
(Plenty of Dreamerscenes as well , even though they're mostly sad!!)                                                     



I was finally able to do the English version of Biker Boyz Stuntman!!  Now you can finally hear the scenes in his "real" voice!!                                                  



I want to thank Alien Music Video Award for giving an Award to all three nominated videos of mine!!
I really appreciate it!!     
Hopefully that will give me the inspiration I need!!                                                                               



I know the last Update was long ago, but I seem to have a block regarding Roswell Videos!!   
On CID I've read an article about what to do, when having a writer's block and they suggested to start a new Fic and leaving the others how they are!!
That's how "Come what may" was originated!! I hope that this spontaneous video will help me and you like it at least a little bit, even though it might not be the best video I've ever done!!          

The other thing is, that I've re-added "If I only could"!! I hope it's easier to understand now!!                                                                          



And here I am with a new Dreamervideo!!    
It only uses scenes from Balance and End of the world and it's kinda like a goodbye of Max&Liz at the end of End of the world!! The name is "One more time"!!



Finally a new Candyvideo!! The name is "I wonder" and it's a video from Michael's POV of his feelings towards Maria in S3 mainly after the break up in Behind the music!!

Enjoy everyone!!



Update in the Gallery section:
I've added the Screencaps from Brendan's Movie Appearances in "Nemesis Game"!!
Even though it's only 6 minutes I made 409 Caps...  
Let's talk about the fact again that I'm soooo not obsessed.... Yeah right!!                                       



Here I am, with a big Update in my back pocket!!   

There's a new Brendanvideo in the Solosection about his movie "The Forsaken"!!
In the Multimedia Mix section you can find the Riverdoy Candy Scene in Japanese (thanks to amymom for that) and see the Heatwave opening scene with the new music, since it's the DVD version!! The song is really not bad, I actually like it, although the scene will always be in my mind with "Put your light on"!! *sigh*
I also added two new Affiliates!!

The results of the Musicvideo Award thing are now announced and I've won 9!! I don't really know what to say, but thanks to everyone who voted for me and showed me their support!!  The Banner were promised for later today, so maybe I can show them off to you then!! 

And for the Fans of the new show "The O.C.":
I'm doing now videos for that show too, but you have to go get them on another site, which I share with the great Fanart artists Anica and Yasemin!!   
The site is called Orange Sky and you can find link in the Link section of course, but also in the Multimedia section near the bottom, or... here  !! The site is still pretty new, so there's not that much stuff there yet!!!



Ok, only a short fly by, since I'm busy with my exam paper for University or at least should be!!   
I finished a few videos, before my compulsory break, so that I'm still able to give you updates on a regular basis!!
This time it's a Stargazer/Groupie Video!! I wasn't sure where to put it, I finally decided for the UC Section, therefore if you want "You missed out" go there!!           
So, that was it for now!!     



I was finally able to make the requested Dreamervideo from Roswellfanatics!! The name is "Pushing me" and it's about how bad Max treated Liz in S3!! Everything up to Ch-Ch-Changes!!                                                                     



I'm not sure which category the new video belongs in, either Rebel/Dreamer or Catfighter!! It depends from which angle you look at it!!
"Same script different cast" is mainly about a conversation between the Ex (Liz) and the new girlfriend (Tess) of Max!! There're Dreamer and Rebel scenes in it, to compare both relationships a little bit!! 

I hope you enjoy!!                                                                    



Something new is here, why else should I write here!!   
It's a new Solovideo "Break" about a pissed King Michael!! It's of course a TAG WDAMYK!!



Ok, I know I was longer away then usual, but I was busy with exams and such stuff!!
But now I have semester break and therefore more time!!      
Today I made a bigger update, to compensate my absence!!

I few of you might have noticed that I have a new category and that would be Gallery!! I'm planning to add Screencaps of movie and TV appearances of our Roswell stars there!!
The first thing I added were Caps of Emilie's appearance in the TV series "The Handler" episode #106 'Dirty White Collar'!! Some of you might have already seen them, since they're online for a few weeks now, but I wasn't able to write it in here!! Today I fixed a few of them which had a white bar, not all of them, since I wasn't able to do so, therefore I'm sorry that there're still a few!!
Caps of Brendan were also added!! In his case it were Caps from the Movie "Perfect little angels", for which I also did a Musicvideo a longer time ago!!      

Then there's also a new Musicvideo!! You can find it in the Dreamersection!! Yeah I know, finally a Dreamervideo again!! You didn't thought that I would do a new one?? Cool, I'm still able to surprise!! *lol*
Back to the facts: It's called "Neighborhood" and it's Liz's POV!! She looks on old pictures and remembers Max and the whole group as well!!

I hope I'll be able to be back soon with more!! Till then take care!!



Added the first Majandravideo in the Solosection!!
This first one is about the person Majandra, that means how she is behind the scenes, in interviews and such stuff!!  
The second one will be about her different roles in movies and TV shows!!
Hope you like!!



Welcome in the new year 2004!! 

In the Candysection is a new Video, called "If I only could"!!

Then there's the poll for the Musicvideo Award, which is finally online!! You can go and vote here!!

And last but not least I have a new Affiliate!!             



The Italian version and the English script of Biker Boyz are online!!
The English version will follow soon, but I still have a few problems with it, therefore please be patient with me!!

BTW: I wish you all a Happy New Year!!                                                                 



It's time for a small Christmas present, at least for the Fehrians out there!!
I've added Biker Boyz Scenes in three languages!!        
It's always interesting to hear him, like people in other countries do, even though I'm for one are not capable to understand what is said most of the time!!



I finally came into the Christmas spirit and that's why it's time for a present!!   
Maria-centric Video!! It's about her music and how her wish didn't come true, like she wanted it to be!! The name is "Away from me"!!                                                                        


Yesterday I was finally able to change the layout of my site!! Tere was so nice to make me the new banners for the anniversary of my site!! Thank you girl!!    

Today I've also uploaded two older clips of mine!! The were made sometime this summer, after I came back from a small Fehrian Gathering, but up to now I've always forgot to add them!!  
Now you can finally see them!! They're in the 'Multimedia Mix' section of this site!!
It's nothing major, just me fooling around with a few special effects like slow-motion and zoom (for Candies always a good thing ) In this case it's the kissing scenes from Heatwave and Riverdog!!                                                                                    



Today is the 1st year anniversary of CDG-Flashes and I want to thank everyone who supported me in the last year!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!     
I made a small present in form of a new Candyvideo called "Back to life"!!
I couldn't resist to make it, although it breaks one of my rules, which is that I'm not using the same song for different couples!! I'm also very aware of the fact, that there're a lot of videos out there using this song, but I hope you can live with one more!!  

Again, thank you!! Your interest and support really means much to me!!



"So hot", a Candyvideo was added to the site today!!
It's just something hot, sweet and spicy, with no real theme!!  But with these scenes we don't really need one, or??                                                                                               



I know it took me really long to add something new, but in my own apartment I still have no internet connection and therefore I can only do something when I visit my parents at the weekend!! Hopefully I will have my own connection soon!! *crossfingers*

New things:
* A link to a new Fanlist for Musicvideo lovers and site links
* New section for videos which don't fit in the Musicvideo category, but you still might be interested in!! Today I've added the Candy Riverdog scene in four different languages (English / French / Italian / Spanish)!! A fifth is coming soon!!

The voting for the Musicvideo Award will end on November 11th, so please stop by and vote!! Thanks in advance!!   



Added a new Dreamervideo of Erica today, called Fallen!!

A while back I've also added Wallpapers of Anica which just fitted perfectly to some of my Candyvideos!! You can find more of her work at Roswell Stars!!         

I am going to leave for University on Sunday and that's why I don't know when I will be able to upload my next video!! But I won't forget!!                                       



I finished a few videos a while ago and decided to add them finally!!
One video was added yesterday and today I'm going to add two!!

A Candyrequest  from Anica called "Someday", which is also her birthday present (Happy birthday Girl!!  )
and a Michael vs. Max video called "Numb"!! The last one is not necessarily for Max lovers, who think that he can do nothing wrong!! So be warned!! Max isn't put in the best light!!       



After the big update yesterday, I decided to add a new video again today!!   
It's again a Candyvideo called "I must be dreaming" and it's about the the whole Destiny thing from Michael's and Maria's POV!!                                       



Today there's a huge update on my page, since I not only added my new Candyvideo "I won't surrender" but also added two of Erica's Dreamervideos "White flag" and "The Dolphins Cry"!!                                                                                       



There will be a Musicvideo Award soon and I would be very happy if you could participate by voting or maybe even present your own videos!!    

  The Realm Of True Love Video Awards           

That isn't all, I also added a Tess Solovideo, which concentrates on her relationship with the main persons in her life (Max, Kyle, Isabel) and the whole group as a unit!!



A new Dreamervideo from Erica is added to the "Hosted videos" section!! It's called "Here without you"!!                                                                        



"One more try" is added to the Candysection!! It's Michael's POV of the whole Courtney thing and how he felt about it!! (Don't worry Candies, it has a happy end for us!!  )
I planned that video over a year ago and I'm happy that I was finally able to do it!!

Since I'm moving on the 1.10. and don't know how much free time I'll have beside studying, I try to get as much of my projects done as I can, until then!! Because of the fact that I'm a total Candy it could be that nearly all of the upcoming videos will be for that couple!! So, I'm going to apologize to all the other shippers who'll have to wait a little bit longer for something new, in advance!!  

BTW: I would be very happy about Guestbook entries!!                                                                                 



My Dreamer block seems to be over, since I finished a new one "I hope you dance"!!  It's a request I've gotten from 'mg_ros': 

Can someone make me a Max/Liz video using the song "I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack? I'm constanly hearing it on the radio and it's slowly driving me crazy and I need some Roswell visual to help me out! :)

I'd like scenes, of course, of Max and Liz dancing. 

*The Balance
*Heat Wave
*HOM (plus, the bowling alley)
 and others, maybe even from A Time For Dancing

Other scenes for example formt he song 

"Those mountains in the distance" can be the rock formation
"Give the Heavens more than just a passing glance" can be from the end of The Balance where Liz looks up at the stars.... yadda yadda yadda



Exactly one year ago I finished my first video which later was available online too, first on Dutch Roswell and then here on my own page!!        I'm talking about "Now and forever"!! 

I can't believe that I'm already working so long on Musicvideos, it's like I started yesterday!!   

My gratitute goes to all of you, who gave me feedback and always supported me!!      

To celebrate this special day I made sure, that all videos are up and running!! Therefore if you missed something, now is your chance!!   

I hope that we have a lot of fun in addition!!                                                                     



There is a new Michaelvideo in the Solosection "It hurts"!! Normally it wasn't planned, but I recently watched a Michaelvideo from an other video creater and I just couldn't resist and had to make one too!!  It seems that I'm in a sad mood in the moment, because this video isn't a happy one either!!  It shows how much it hurts Michael, when he is alone and nobody is there for him!!                                                                              



I've made an other section in which I'll store videos from other creators!! Erica being the first!! It's a Dreamervideo which she called "Tonight and the rest of my life"!! Everything apart from the site and Avatar belongs to her and I had no influence on her creations!!
If you want to give feedback for the video please contact her directly!!



My second sad Candyvideo with the name "Til I get over you" is added to the site!! 
For all the people who told me that they cried while watching "Going under" be warned, the new video is in my opinion more touching than the previous one!!  Therefore make sure that enough handkerchiefs are around!!

I wanted to thank everyone for their great feedback for "Going under", I never assumed that it would be so much and so positive!!           

Today my Guestbook got online too and I would be very happy if some of you would leave me a message there!! My Shoutbox was down too often so I decided to get rid of it!!   

The only thing left to say is: ENJOY!!                                                                 



Finally I can add a new couple to my list of "Couples I already did a video about"!!   
All Frier or Lanewalkers fans (or whatever the right name for the Liz&Sean shippers is) can be happy, because that is the couple I'm talking about!!
The new video called "Wake me up" is in the UC section now!!    



As you can see, most of the videos are still down, so please make sure that you download like it's explained in the instructions, to prevent more problems!!

Nevertheless there's a new video in the Candysection called "Going under"!! It's my answer to a request I've got from "Egyptian Pixie" on FF!! She wanted to see a Candyvideo which uses the song "Going under" from Evanescence!! I hope you all like it although it's a sad one!!



There's a new Candyvideo called "Save tonight"!! It's about the whole leaving Earth thing centred on the Candy part!!                                                                                          



Hadn't had the time to upload all videos again yet, but hopefully soon!! 

Nevertheless there's a new video in the Solo section!! It's about Isabel and called "Here she comes"!!                                                                                      



I know most of my videos are still down, but I'm planning on getting them up again in the next days!! I'm really sorry for all the inconvenience!!    

But nevertheless there is a new video I want to show you!!  It can be found in the Solo section and it's a video about Isabel and her men called "Here she comes"!!
Now Brendan/Michael got a little company!!                       

I hope soon everything is back to normal!!                                              



There is a new video in the Stargazer section called "I'll stay with you"!! It's again a sad video and I'm really planning on doing a happy one soon, but some songs are just to good to pass on!!   
I hope you enjoy it nevertheless!!
I used other scenes as in the previous one (more from Season3), so that you don't get a deja vu feeling!!



Added a new Rebelvideo called "Taking over"!! I can't think of a summary, so if you have an idea please let me know!!                                                                                                     



Ok, the promised Candyvideo "I don't care" is online now!! Enjoy!!                                                                                



I made a new Dreamervideo as a birthday present for a friend of mine and I decided that I'm also gonna make it available here!! Hopefully she will like it and everybody else too!! It's called "Tell it to my heart"!!
Happy Birthday Syidah!!

The next video available here, will be the promised Candy one!! It's already finished, but I don't want to upload two new videos at the same time, so you have to wait a little bit!! But don't worry, I'm planning to upload it in the course of next week!!                                                             



There's a new video in the UC-Section for all the Cliffhanger Fans!!
It's not really my favourite couple , but I promised KulyQ to do one, so you can thank her for it!!  



 Now that I finally managed to do my own Avatars, I wanted to thank Shelly again, for all her efforts!!                                                                   



I finally managed to add a new video!! Somehow my Internet connection refused to add it and I nearly wanted to give up, but finally it decided to cooperate with me!!
You can find the new video in the Solosection!! Since I wanted to do my new support button credit it's a new Brendanvideo about his appearance in the movie "Perfect little angels"!!
I hope you enjoy watching it!!                                                                



I've snatched a Brendan/Michael Support-button from "Not of this earth" (one of my new Affiliates)!! You can see it in the Solo-Section!!

It would be great if you could vote for me!!  The links can be found in my new section!! Thanks in advance!!                                                                                    



No new video yet, but hopefully soon!! I'm just working on a new Candyvideo!!   

But please vote for me at Roswell-Germany, by clicking on the button!! Thanks!!                                                                                  



The next update will take a few days, since my prom is soon and I've bought me my own computer on which I have to install all the programs and transfer all the episodes first!!                                                                          



There's a new Dreamervideo called "Can't let go"!! Kinda sad,  since it's Liz POV of the whole Rebel situation!!
It's comparable to "Should've know" but this one has a good end for the Dreamers!!

Added also a new Affiliate!!



Added a Candyvideo called "Storm" and some new Affiliates!!                                                                             



My first Stargazervideo "One sweet day" is online from now on!! Enjoy, but tissues are recommented!!                                                                           



Added my Groundzero/Candy video "If I was the one" in the UC section!!
(For the Candyfans: There are plenty of Candy moments!! You won't be disappointed!!  )                                                     



Added a new link!!  

Note: I don't know when I'll be able to add a new video, since I have a cornea infection and because of that I'm not able to work long on the computer!! I can only see with one eye and that's with the time very strenuous!! Hopefully it will be better soon!!
And if that's not enough: I have a huge blockade in the Candyvideo section!!




Thanks to all who voted on my poll!! Added the summaries to each video today, since 80% of you voted for them!!                                                                                        



Added a new Dreamervideo "Should've known" and a link to Vera's site (from her I have all the fantastic banners you can see on my site) and one to Nicole, who makes Musicvideos too!!                                                                                     



Added my Michaelvideo "I need a hero"     and a new link!! Enjoy!!                                                                                  



Added a Dreamervideo "Hold on to the night" today, like I promised!!



Added a Poll!! Please vote and let me know what you think!!                                                                                      



Added three new links!!

Since my final exams are over now,  I'm able to work on some new videos in the next days!! 

My next projects are:

1.  A Michael video
Dreamervideos, not all happy though!!  (You see Endless I don't forget you )




All videos are up and running again!!

Added two links to the homepages of Zia and Jen!! These two make incredible Musicvideos!! Make sure to check them out!!

Note: There won't be any new videos till the 20 January (the earliest), because of my final exams which started today!! But I hope I will be back soon with something new!!



Added a new section 'Castvideos' and my Christmas video "Christmas time"!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!   



Added a Loyalistvideo called "Don't wanna cry"                                                      



Added a new Video in the UC - Section called "When a man loves"

It's something for Loyalist, Rebel, Lanedancer, Stargazer and Candy Fans!!                                                             



Here is my present for St. Nicholas Day!!

Added a new section (Going Solo) in which you can find my Brendanvideo!!




Added a new Candyvideo called "Deep enough for you"   




Today is the day on which my site goes finally online!!  I'm so proud that I made it!! Thanks to all who helped me with it!!

FehrsTabascoGirlie (Kerstin)

Added some old videos of mine
- 2 Candy
- 2 Dreamer
- 1 UC (Rebel)









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