Crazy for her      


                  Deep enough for you?  


                                                    *AMVA Best Episodic Video 6/04*


                            I don't care 


                          Save tonight


                            Going under  
                                                   *TROTL Best Candy Video 3/04*


                            Til I get over you           *
                                                    *TROTL Best POV Video 3/04*
                                                    *AMVA Best Tear-jerker 6/04*


                        One more try     


                   I won't surrender                                   


                            I must be dreaming


                            Someday          *
                                                    *TROTL Best Challenge Response Video 3/04*


                      So hot


                             Back to life


                             If I only could  *redone 5.6.04*


                            I wonder


                            Come what may


                            Get back



* Wallpapers from Anica!! Click on the pics to see a larger version!!


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